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What is the first page of your resume? The answer is your cover letter. Yes, that was a trick question but something that is too often overlooked.

Your cover letter may be the most important corresponance with your employer before securing a position. It represents you, your specific interest with a potential employer and your ability to commuinicate that writing.

We will help you write and tailor your letter based on the position and the employer so that we can represent your abilities and experience in a way that connects with the reader.

Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your particular needs.

"I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my resume. The Executive Level was dedicated to making my resume the best representation of me and my qualifications. I am very satisfied with my resume and cover sheet ... and will be recommending The Executive Level to all of my friends who are graduating and looking for a professional group to design their resumes. Thanks so much!"

Alicia S.

(601) 331-1951